Monster Energy Original (16oz / 24pk)

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$1.25 per can / $30 per pack

Minimum Order: 50 packs/1200 Cans

  • A flavorful energy drink that can provide a burst of energy
  • Smooth and easy to drink
  • Imparts more energy than other brands


The Monster Energy™ Drink, Original Green offers you the energy you need to get to the next level. With this beverage, you can rapidly refuel, refocus and complete crucial tasks.

How Does Monster Energy Drink, Original Green Give You Energy?

Once you take your first sip, you’ll experience the sharp, bold flavor that’s made the Monster Energy Drink popular among athletes, musicians, bikers and more. Containing a potent dose of caffeine in every can, Monster Energy juice does pack a powerful punch. Within a few moments of chugging it down, you’ll begin to feel a rush that allows you to keep moving forward.

Who Makes Monster Energy Drink?

Monster Energy Drinks were created 16 years ago by a company named Monster Beverage Corporation, an American beverage company that specializes in producing tasty energy drinks for adults.

Large Pack of Monster Energy Drink

With up to 24 cans in one pack, this is a suitable option for anyone responsible for distributing beverages to the masses. Whether you’re looking to restock your convenience store, set up a concession stand or refill a vending machine, this bulk pack of Monster Energy Drink, Original Green can be very useful.

Hydration and Energy On the Go

Coming in handy 16 oz. cans, these Monster Energy Drinks are easy to pack in a bag an carry along anywhere, which makes them a great pick for road trips.

Find out more about Monster’s mean and lean energy drinks here.

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