Improving choices across our portfolio
Around the world, consumers enjoy Beverage drinks more than one billion times a day. With that global scale comes an enormous opportunity to provide our buyers with products that meet human needs for enjoyment.

To help build a more sustainable system, we are making it easier for buyers to choose beverages that feel good for themselves and are good for the planet. We’re improving the nutritional profile of our products, working to provide simple, clear information on our packaging, rethinking packaging sizes, and leveraging the scale of our brands to drive positive change.

We also know that our buyers care about the planet and their community, so we’re continuing to expand our Sustainability program. This program empowers our development teams to consider the environmental impacts of their decisions at every stage, from packaging, and distribution.


“At Beverage Champ, we’re working to inspire people to live richer lives through products that provide joy. Our broad portfolio of beverage options makes it easier and more convenient for buyers to make the choice that is right for them.”

Patrick Williams
Owner, Beverage Champ Ltd



Global Map of Pepsi around the World including Pepsi Zero and Pepsi MAX